Product Descriptions

Our focus at Fall Creek is clear: To provide the finest quality, healthiest plants and to maximize our customer's success. We grow blueberry nursery stock in a variety of sizes and forms to meet your commercial growing needs. The following is a description of the plant products we offer: 

2 Liter Pot – Our Growers’ First Choice!

Fall Creek’s 2 Liter Pot transplants with little shock to the root system. it is ofter ready for fruiting in the second season, given ideal field conditions. Our routine practice is to shear the top growth  of each plant to 16"-18". The 2 Liter Pots (which average 3 lbs. each) are carfully packed into Fall Creek pallet bin boxes for convenient shipping and easy unloading and handling by planting crews. Full bin boxes hold 300-396 containers.
5" wide x 5.5" deep

Order Minimum = 500

Fall Creek's Advantage Cell
Available in 2 different sizes, the Advantage Cell represents Fall Creek’s solution to traditional bareroot, and offers an alternative to container grown stock. Each plant is carefully removed from the cell tray and wrapped in bundles of 5 (Advantage 6 Cell) or 10 (Advantage 12 Cell).
Order Minimum = 500    Available for shipping January through April.

Advantage Cell 6

Advantage Cell 12

4 3/8” x 7 7/8” Cell

3” x 7” Cell

1600 ml. Volume

650 ml. Volume

5 Plants per Bundle

10 Plants per Bundle

Packaged 500-700 per Pallet Bin

Packaged 1200-1500 per Pallet Bin



1 Liter Pot

Fall Creek's 1 Liter Pot measures 4½" across the top and is 5" deep. The plant is vigorous, strong, and transplants quickly. Most varieties are sheared to 8"-10" before shipping. 1 Liter pots (which average 1.5 lbs. each) are carefully packed into Fall Creek pallet bin boxes for convenient shipping and easy unloading and handling by planting crews. Full bin boxes hold 500-770 pots.
4.5" wide x 5" deep
Order Minimum = 500 

38 Plants per Tray

Fall Creek’s 38 Cell Liners are designed for direct planting in regions with extended growing seasons. This liner is a deep rooted, cell designed for quick, efficient transplanting and economical long distance shipping. Finished plant sheared height averages 6". Packed 2 trays per box, full pallets hold 42 boxes.

2" wide x 5" deep 

Order Minimum = 12 Boxes (912 plants)

72 Cell Liner  
Fall Creek’s 72 Cell Liners are started as tissue culture plugs, then transplanted into 72 cell trays. These liners are best suited for transplanting into a 2-3 liter container, in which they can grow for an additional season. Finish plant sheared height is 4"-6". Packed 2 trays per box, full pallets hold 56 boxes. 
1.5" wide x 3" deep
Order Minimum = 12 Boxes (1728 plants)



Patented Varieties
Protect Your Investment!
To help our customers navigate through the
world of intellectual property, Fall Creek is
implementing a new verification system for
our customers’ records.
On Every Order Acknowledgment and Invoice
Look For:
• Patent numbers for each item that can be verified
to Patent IP owner’s websites and catalogs.
• Proof of itemized royalty payment amounts.
What To Do:
• Keep your Fall Creek invoice as an official record of
your purchase.
• Use this invoice when asked by packers, shippers,
marketers, retailers and real estate agents to
demonstrate that your plants on your property and
the fruit being sold from these plants is in
compliance with the license agreement and have
come from legally propagated plant material.
Ask For:
• Official documentation for any patented plant
material you purchase.
• If seller is not able to provide the information
needed, contact the IP owner for verification.