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Valuable Resources For Commercial Fruit Growers

In today’s agricultural environment, information and knowledge are as critical to success as the right variety and proper farming practices. At Fall Creek, we maintain our focus on helping our customers to optimize their success.  Part of our role is providing the best information to help our growers enjoy a competitive edge in the industry.  Here we've compiled the best blueberry publications from around the country.  Some of these are documents that you can download directly at no charge.  The rest are books and DVD's that you can order directly from the publishers.


Extension and Private Publications

Blueberry Publications & Multimedia Resources

Oregon State University


Blueberry Nutrient Management Guide

Oregon State University


A Pocket Guide to IPM Scouting in Highbush Blueberries

Annemiek Schilder, Rufus Isaacs, Eric Hanson & Bill Cline, Michigan State University Extension, 2004

This extremely useful guide was developed as a pocket reference for easy use in scouting blueberry fields for
common pests and beneficial insects, diseases, weather-related disorders and symptoms of pesticide damage and
nutritional disorders.


Northeast Regional Agricultural Extension Service, 1992

Contains an in-depth review of modern blueberry production throughout North America with a number of
helpful color plates. Excellent problem identification key.


A Grower’s Guide To Pruning Highbush Blueberries  (DVD)

Oregon State University

Proper pruning makes a difference in yield and quality.  This DVD will help you realize the reward of proper
pruning – consistent production of quality fruit. Our own Dave Brazelton leads you through simple pruning
procedures including:

  • The basics of plant growth – identifying fruit and leaf buds, wood of different ages and unproductive wood
  • Basic equipment
  • How to prune plants of different ages
  • Ways to increase pruning speed
  • Pruning for machine harvest