NEW! Ventura

Low/No Chill variety for commercial growers.

Ventura is Fall Creek Variety Solutions' first Southern Highbush release. Its large, vigorous plant structure results in high yields of firm, light blue fruit with a sweet flavor and very mild acidity. Ventura has performed well in both traditional and evergreening Southern Highbush production systems in our trial sites in coastal California, the San Joaquin Valley and Spain. 

Fall Creek is the exclusive nursery for sales and distribution of Ventura worldwide. 

Ventura Variety Promo Sheet PDF (ENG - US)

Ventura Variety Promo Sheet PDF (ESP - MX)

Ventura Variety Promo Sheet PDF (ESP - PE)

To inquire about this variety wthin the U.S., please contact our U.S. Sales Team. 

If you are located outside of the U.S., please contact our International Sales Team.