Rabbiteye varieties are native to the southeastern states. They have been commercially cultivated for nearly 100 years.

With firmer berries and thicker skin, southern growers machine harvest Rabbiteyes for both the fresh and process markets.  The seeds tend to be slightly more pronounced than Highbush.  In Oregon, Rabbiteyes ripen quite late, with some varieties starting at the end of August and continuing through October. Their post-harvest shelf life is outstanding.

Rabbiteyes are available by custom order.



Denotes varieties produced by Fall Creek Genetics and exclusive to Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc.

Denotes varieties licensed to Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc. Please refer to our Variety Charts for license details.


  Berries Bush Primary Use
Variety Season Size Qualities Habit Commercial Fresh Process Local Market & U-Pick
Titan ‘T-959’
U.S. Plant Patent 24,135
Low Chill

Firm, Light Blue

Narrow, Upright

Titan has the largest fruit ever observed at the University of Georgia rabbiteye breeding program (3 grams and over). Preliminary observations of Titan on Fall Creek’s research farm show that it has good tolerance to bacterial canker as well as moderate cold hardiness. Titan is not self-fertile so it should be planted with another rabbiteye.

Titan ‘T-959’ was created at the University of Georgia and is protected by U.S. Patent No. 24,135. Unlicensed propagation is prohibited.


Firm, Mild Flavor, Sky Blue

Upright, Vigorous

Powderblue is currently one of the two leading varieties for late season Rabbiteye production in the Pacific Northwest. The bush is vigorous and has high yields. The berries are medium size, firm and resistant to cracking from fall rains. We recommend Powderblue as a companion for pollination with Ochlockonee where a quality, late season, fresh market berry is desired.

U.S. Plant Patent 17,300
Low-High Chill

Good Sweet Flavor, Medium Blue

Moderately Upright, Vigorous

Ochlockonee is the new leading variety for late season Rabbiteye production in the Pacific Northwest. Planted with Powderblue for pollination, Ochlockonee has consistent yields of firm, flavorful berries, larger than Powderblue. Field observations indicate Ochlockonee is more resistant to bacterial canker than other Rabbiteyes. It is recommended for commercial plantings where a late, fresh market fruit is desired.

Fall Creek is licensed to sell Ochlockonee throughout the entire U.S. and is the exclusive licensed nursery for sales and distribution in California, Oregon, Washington and Arizona.

U.S. Plant Patent Pending
Mid-High Chill

Firm, Sky Blue, Sweet Pleasant Flavor


New! Overtime is the first Rabbiteye release from the Fall Creek Variety Solutions program. Selected in the Pacific Northwest for its improved berry quality and as a pollinator to Ochlockonee. Its berries are light sky blue, very round and have excellent flavor. The texture of the fruit is less gritty compared to other Rabbiteyes. We recommend Overtime for commercial trial plantings where a very late season, high quality fresh market berry is desired.

Fall Creek is the exclusive nursery for sales and distribution of Overtime worldwide.