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Food Friday: St. Patrick's Day Fruit Rainbow

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Welcome to our website and to the special section we've created for you – the home gardener.  Fall Creek is a wholesale nursery.  While we do not sell to the public directly, we love sharing our passion for blueberries.

In this section of our website, you’ll find information to help you succeed with your blueberry plants, from variety selection to planting and on-going care. With a little insight, you’ll see that blueberries are really quite simple and offer many benefits, including abundant, delicious fruit packed with health benefits and year round beauty in your landscape and garden.  

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery® is the world’s leading wholesale blueberry nursery stock producer. From our state-of-the art growing facilities in Oregon, Fall Creek specializes in the breeding, propagation, production and global distribution of blueberry nursery stock. We work with the leading nursery stock growers and retailers to bring you the very best that blueberries offer.  You’ll find our plants in leading garden centers and nurseries throughout the country.

We continue to develop new and exciting varieties. Look for soon-to-be-released new cultivars with exceptional ornamental qualities in your favorite garden centers. Watch here for more details.  And remember to pick up your own copy of our charming and informative Gardener's Guide To Blueberries . You'll see just how easy it is to grow and enjoy blueberries in your own backyard!

A NOTE TO HOME GARDENERS:  We regret that we don’t have staff available to respond to home gardening questions on the phone or by email. If you have more questions, please contact your local garden center or extension agents. They’re the experts in your area.