Welcome to Sidhu Growers, your Fall Creek Representative in British Columbia!

Sidhu Growers is Fall Creek's exclusive licensee for Fall Creek plants and varieties in British Columbia. 

British Columbia’s cooler climate combined with mineral and high-organic peat soils make it an excellent region for growing Northern Highhbush blueberry varieties. Fall Creek is proud of its long standing partnership with British Columbia’s premier blueberry nursery, Sidhu Growers. Together we have delivered superior plants, service and new varieties to the British Columbia industry. Now Sidhu Growers and Fall Creek are reaffirming their committment to the blueberry industry in British columbia with the introduction of Fall Creek's new Northern Highbush varieties. 

Sidhu Growers is a family-owned nursery and commercial blueberry plant provider located in British Columbia with a deep commitment to growing exceptional blueberry plants and building strong relationships with customers. The Sidhu family began growing blueberries on a 10-acre farm more than 30 years ago and has since grown to become British Columbia’s leading commercial blueberry stock provider.  

Sidhu and Fall Creek’s relationship began more than a decade ago.  Sharing similar values and a deep commitment to quality plants and customer relationships, Fall Creek and Sidhu Growers codified an agreement establishing Sidhu Growers as Fall Creeks’s exclusive provider of the MSU blueberry varieties in British Columbia including the early to mid-season, high-quality Draper as well as the late-season and  exceptional-tasting Aurora.

Sidhu Growers is dedicated to ensuring that their customers receive blueberry nursery stock of the highest health and quality through their focus on:

Sanitation: Sanitation is crucial to any nursery operation and Sidhu Growers leads the way. From bio security to disinfecting vehicle tires, Sidhu takes the highest precautions when protecting plants.

Growing Technologies: As new growing technologies become available, Sidhu makes every effort to research and trial these advancements in order to provide the best product possible to their customers. 

Weather-Resistant Facilities: Due to ever-changing weather and environmental needs, Sidhu has invested in greenhouses for much of their growing operation. This also allows more control over irrigation and pest control.

At Fall Creek, we are honored to have Sidhu Growers as one of our international representatives. For more information about the growing blueberries in British Columbia or our variety offerings, please contact Sidhu Growers:

To learn more about Sidhu Growers and Fall Creek products in British Columbia, please contact: 


Harry Sidhu
Sidhu Growers

Phone: 604-853-1775

For all other Canadian regions, please contact: 

Dick Mombell

Sales & Business Manager for U.S. & Canada
Phone:  +1-541-463-9238