Welcome to Stonefly Nursery, your Fall Creek Representative in Chile!

Stonefly Nursery is Fall Creek's exclusive distributor of plants and varieties in Chile. 

Chile is the world’s leading blueberry exporter, the 2nd largest blueberry producer, and is led by some of the most innovative, successful and largest blueberry companies.

There is no other region in the world with the capacity to produce large volumes of superior quality blueberries in the global market in the months of November, December, January and February. We believe the world’s fastest growing markets rely completely on Chile for their counter-seasonal supply in these months and Chile remains the single most important supplier for North America in these months.

Fall Creek, the world’s leader in blueberry plants, genetics, and solutions, is proud to work with Chile’s leading nursery and a world leader in tissue culture. These two multi-generational families, the Brazelton and the Gooycolea families, along with their world-class teams, have come together to invest in this bright future for the Chilean blueberry industry. This renewed venture includes new state-of-the-art facilities, an extensive portfolio of new Fall Creek varieties uniquely suited for Chile, an expanded research and development program and a system for strategic and technical support.

In 2012, Fall Creek launched six new commercial blueberry varieties globally. Our partnership, now known as Fall Creek by Stonefly Nursery, is launching these six new cultivars from Fall Creek Variety Solutions to Chilean growers led by Fall Creek’s Patricio Fernandez Guitierrez and Grupo Hijuelas’s Jose Ignacio Searle. Chilean growers can expect the introduction of new blueberry cultivars to come along with increased technical support now and in the coming years.

At Fall Creek, we are honored to have Stonefly Nursery as one of our international representatives.


For more information about the growing blueberries in Chile or our variety offerings, please contact 
Stonefly Nursery:

José Ignacio Searle
General Manager
Phone: +56-33-2272725


Patricio Fernández Gutiérrez
Technical & Grower Support Manager
Phone: +56-9-5229-9645