Welcome to Fall Creek Mexico!

Our Plants Make The Difference In Growers’ Fields.

Nearly two decades ago, Fall Creek began pioneering blueberries in Mexico.  Through many years of hard work, failures, successes and years of learning together with Mexico’s leading berry growers, we are proud to be part of Mexico’s nascent commercial blueberry industry.  At Fall Creek, we believe in Mexico and its potential to provide extended supply of high quality counter-seasonal blueberries to North America. In fact, we believe it so much, our family decided to build a wholly-owned and operated Fall Creek nursery and research center in Mexico. We are excited about the future prospects of Mexico, and are here to stay.

Why Fall Creek Mexico?  For nearly 40 years, Fall Creek has been the world’s leader in blueberry plants, genetics and technical support, delivering solutions to the finest growers around the globe. We are a private, family-owned company with a long-term team of dedicated professionals both in Mexico and worldwide. Along with quality plants and in-field horticultural success, varieties specifically suited to Mexico are critical to the long-term prosperity of the industry.  We are committed to delivering superior plants, the newest varieties and exceptional technical support to the world’s best growers.  In order to truly bring the value of Fall Creek to our Mexican customers, we felt we needed to be present in-person.

For more information about our Fall Creek Mexico nursery or our varieties, products, grower support or plant availability, please contact: 

Salvador Alvarez Barboza
Phone: +52-358-416-2700