Welcome to Earth Berry, your Fall Creek Representative in the Southern US!

Earth Berry, owned and operated by Winn Morgan, is Fall Creek's exclusive plant and variety distributor in Georgia and Florida.

The blueberry industry in the southern United States faces some unique challenges. Between tremendous disease pressure and significantly different climate, growers in the southern states need unique solutions tailored to their needs. For this reason, Fall Creek sought a knowledgeable partner to help assure Fall Creek products reflected the mission in the southern states of the U.S.  

Winn Morgan, owner of Earth Berry, has been in the blueberry industry for years and understands the challenges faced by commercial blueberry growers in the southern U.S. Winn has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of blueberry farming including: site selection, field design and preparation, selecting varieties, and more. These qualities combined with his understanding of southern growing culture make him the perfect representative for Fall Creek products in this region.

Fall Creek plants are vigorous, free of diseases, and have been proven in different climates all over the world to ensure the best performance. Fall Creek's world-class tissue culture lab and meticulous growing standards, combined with Winn Morgan’s experience, ensures Fall Creek are providing the very best product to customers in the southern United States.

To learn more about Earth Berry and sales of Fall Creek products and varieties in Florida and Georgia, please contact: 

Winn Morgan
Earth Berry for Fall Creek

Phone:  +1-706-340-4173

For all other Southern U.S. states, please contact: 

Dick Mombell

Sales & Business Manager for U.S. & Canada
Phone:  +1-541-463-9238