Our Product Descriptions

Our focus at Fall Creek is clear:  to provide the finest quality, healthiest plants available to maximize your success.  Our high health production program provides assurance that each plant meets our uncompromising quality standards which provide you with true-to-type, vigorous, healthy, and productive plants that your coustomers expect.  

We grow blueberry nursery stock in a variety of sizes and forms to meet the needs of all our nursery customers - growers, retailers and mail order. On this page you'll find a description of each plant product we offer. 

For more detailed information on transplanting timelines and size recommendations, see the Fall Creek Growing Program section of our website.

72 Cell Liners

Fall Creek’s premier one-year liners are multi-caned and vigorous. These liners provide a well-balanced, extremely uniform crop with consistent quality.

1 ½” x 3” Cell  (variety determines size)

72 ml. Media Volume

4” – 6”+ Sheared Height

(Vaccinium ovatum size is 2” x 2” , 113 ml media volume)

3½ Inch Pot

This container is an ideal starter size for retail sales or for shifting stock. These strong branched, vigorous plants are a perfect for a quick turn into a No. 1 or No. 2 pot in one season.

3½” Square Pot

656 ml. Media Volume

10”+ Sheared Height






Fall Creek Advantage Cell Grown Transplants

Fall Creek's innovative alternative to traditional bareroot plants can provide 30-50% greater first-season growth from the well rooted cell. Well suited for retail or shifting stock to No. 1, No. 2, or No. 3 pot (or larger for the Advantage 6 Cell). Packed and shipped "no pot," in bundles for efficiency and freight savings.

Advantage 6 Cell

4” x 7” Cell

1600 ml. Media Volume

5 Plants per Bundle









Advantage 12 Cell

3” x 7” Cell

650 ml. Media Volume

10 Plants per Bundle