Cropping & Shearing


Fast Cropping

Fast cropping provides the benefit of using larger shift material to produce a crop in as quickly as one season, reducing production timing and costs. It also allows turnover of that same space allowing for a second finished crop. The result is increased revenue and profitability in the same time frame as a longer term standard production cycle from liners.

Spring Fast Crop             

Spring produced bump crops will finish in the same season - as early as just a few months depending on input size, finished size and your growing region.  Larger pots will finish in fall for a great fall color presentation.  Overwinter for early spring sales of big beautiful plants that will flower and fruit that season.

Perennial Fast Crop       

Similar to perennial plant production, a late summer/early fall-produced fast crop will give a strong head start and develop a great structure before overwintering in anticipation of an early spring push and spring/summer sales of flowering, fruiting plants.



“We’ve never met a sheared plant we don’t like” is one of our favorite sayings here at Fall Creek.  Shearing produces a tighter, fuller crop which develops more breaks and branching for a more dense plant.

  • Top shearing 2-4” about 6-8 weeks into new foliage push is the great ‘equalizer’ promoting a more uniform crop, accelerated growth of lower branches and basal cane production.
  • A finishing shear as the plants are heading into dormancy produces uniform finished plants for dormant sales and a clean start to the next season’s grow out.