Northern Highbush: High Chill

Vaccinium corymbosum

Zones 3–7 / 800-1,000 Chill Hrs.

Northern Highbush are high chill varieties and the most widely planted blueberries, popular with home gardeners throughout the Northern U.S. and Southern Canada. There are more than 100 named varieties, out of which Fall Creek has selected 21 of the best, allowing gardeners to select a combination that will produce delicious crops continuously over a 100-day period. These varieties display bush shapes from short and compact to tall and open. Fall foliage colors and unique winter wood tones complement gardens and home landscapes. The berries range in size from ¼" to over 1" in diameter, and in color from almost black to light powder blue. Northern Highbush requires a minimum of 800 chilling hours for proper fruit set. All cultivars are self-fertile but will produce better crops if more than one variety is planted.

Note About Outstanding Characteristics:  Our variety charts include a column titled "Outstanding Characteristics."  While each variety has multiple strong characteristics, we've added this column to simply highlight one special attribute that our team thinks stands out about each variety. Need a primer on how to easily select varieties?  Visit the Blueberries Simplified section of our website.

Denotes varieties licensed to Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc. Please refer to our Variety Charts for license details.