#4 Fruiting Season

The different varieties of blueberries have fruit that ripens at different times from very early season to very late season. This broad window of fruiting extends the enjoyment of blueberry season.

One of the best ways you can increase sales is to offer a mix of early, mid and late season fruiting varieties. Encourage your customers to buy a mix so they have fruit for the longest time possible - up to several months depending on your region. In addition, planting more than one variety supports cross pollination with results in larger fruits and yields.  Our Variety Charts makes it simple to make your selections with the fruiting season clearly noted.


Blueberries Simplified:  Our Note To You

We hope this takes away some of the mystery of blueberries. Learning your area’s chill hours and zone will direct you to the right family of varieties. Knowing what blueberry plant and berry characteristics matter to your customers will help you focus your selections.  Offering a good selection and encouraging your customers to plant several varieties is a win for everyone!